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Drum speed doesn’t have to be a case of “either you have the abilities, or you don’t” when are IN FACT ways to develop your chops.

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We're not here just to deliver you information. we're here to deliver you RESULTS with pROVEN Methods.

Thousands of drummers all over the world seek for the most effective ways to build up their chops. Unfortunately, most fail at doing so because they don’t know the best formula to build their chops. 

When you join the Super Drummers Boot Camp, you will receive comprehensive details on what exactly you should be aiming for when chop building. Over a period of 15 weeks, you’ll learn the formula, and how to implement it into your everyday practice routine.

Bad methods can lead to long term injuries


As mentioned before, most drummers seek different methods of building drum speed, strength, and endurance. Although they are great qualities to have in order to be a well polished drummer, most seek methods that either doesn’t produce the results they hoped for or doesn’t produce results in a timely manner. In the worse case scenario, they often develop long term injuries that can put a drummer’s career at risk.

Methods taught in this boot camp will help you produce the results you want by teaching you the techniques and methods that are already proven to produce the best results at the fastest rate. This course will test and push your limits to higher levels you never thought was imaginable while avoiding long term injuries.


What's The Plan Over A Period Of 16 Weeks?

The Super Drummers Boot Camp is broken down into 3 different phases of training which spans over a period of about 4 months. You’ll be given a series of different lessons and workouts each week, and at the end of each phase you’ll be given a series of tests to help gauge your progress. Each workout will have different speed levels based on an individual’s speed capabilities ranging from basic to advanced.

phase 1: Muscle & Technique Training

Phase one focuses on muscle and technique development which will be vital going into phases 2 and 3 of your training and beyond. you’ll learn how to use and work on the Finger Control, Press Control, and Push-pull Technique. At the same time, you’ll utilize several different exercises that are aimed at strengthening the muscles in your forearms through the use of these drum techniques.

phase 2: Endurance Interval Training

Phase two focuses on drumming endurance to help you sustain your playing  for longer periods of time. This is where training can start to become more challenging, but it is intended to test and push your limits. You’ll also continue to learn new exercises to help develop your drumming techniques. 

phase 3: Stick Control Interval Training

Phase three is all about stick control training through a series of effective exercises. You’ll learn how to control your dynamics, stick heights, and swap through different drumming techniques while still keeping time and maintaining your drumming. You’ll also learn more exercises to help develop your techniques. 

Here are real people Seeing real results

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What’s the point of playing 100s of different chop building exercises if one doesn’t have the proper formula to actually improve in the first place, right?


No doubt that you will have questions, and we will be here to answer them ASAP. Our goal is to make sure that you have no confusions when taking this course and for you to maximize your results.

Chop Building Formula

You'll receive comprehensive details on how you can better develop your speed, endurance, power, and technique without making sacrifices for wrist injuries.

Real results

You'll notice a change in your mechanics and chops depending on the amount of effort and commitment that you put into this course.

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