Frequently Asked Questions

Developing chops isn’t an overnight process. It can take a bit of time for muscles to heal and recover, and it can take a bit of time to develop new techniques, so this course takes that all into account. With that being said, this course is designed to help to build stronger and faster chops within a certain timeframe.

Yes. You can access this course via mobile phone/tablets. Be sure to check with your service provider if you’re accessing this course using data. 

Yes. This course will have a big focus on using the right methods to target the muscles responsible for certain playing techniques which includes Traditional Grip .

Yes. This course will work for all ranges of skill level which also includes certain workouts for beginner drummers.

Absolutely. This course is geared towards improving hand dexterity, and drum set played can absolutely benefit from this course.

Depending on your skill level and how much work and effort you put into this course, you can start seeing improvements in as little as 2 weeks. However, once again it depends on the individual effort and skill level.

No. All videos will be available to access once you’ve payed for the course. It is however recommended that you follow along with the course schedule as originally built.

No. Although this course has no emphasis on having faster feet (for drum set player), this course is still highly beneficial for developing your hands especially for drum set players.

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