Heartbeat Push-pull exercise

This exercise is all about helping you advance your development of this technique. As you already know, this is a difficult technique for all level of drummers (especially if this is the first time of its use). Because of that, no metronome is being used to demonstrate this exercise as this is more geared towards getting the rhythm and motion down to create the rebound needed to succeed with the use of this technique. The speed aspect of it will depend more so on how well your rhythm and motion is, and less of how much strength you have.

Note: You should practice with this exercise everyday during your warming up time. The only way to get better as something is if you put in enough repetitions, right? if you start to feel any strain in your wrists, you should stop and adjust how you’re using this technique. Although there will be wrist movement, the focal point shouldn’t be on your wrists as demonstrated in the video below.


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